Gwen Legge brings boxing apparel to the masses with Eruption Boxing

Working out of Orange County, California - Eruption Boxing owner Gwen Legge is enjoying the tail end of a very successful 2019.1 min

November saw the California State Athletic Commision add Eruption Boxing’s 8oz and 10oz competition gloves to their approval list, forging a landmark step in the ten year strong brand.

Eruption Boxing’s plans for 2020 are bolder than those of 2019. But when did it all start for Eruption?

“Eruption really started in March 2009. When I first got into the industry, I had an apparel business in extreme and action sportswear. And that was how Eruption started out. We did MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing – we made sure we covered everything.  I started sponsoring athletes in my area and a lot of them were in to extreme sports. I’ve provided apparel to a lot of fighters since then — I respect all fighters and I wanted to give something back.”

During this time, Eruption have worked with many fighters including major names such as Cris Cyborg, Evander Holyfield, Rob McCullough and Reggie Johnson.

evander holyfield eruption boxing

Evander Holyfield pictured with Eruption Boxing shorts in 2015

Fast forward to December 2019 and Eruption have evolved in to Eruption Boxing and the landscape is looking very different indeed. 

“In mid-June of this year, right about the time I turned Eruption over to Eruption Boxing, I became a Co-Manager with Centurion Sports Management. I brought a number of boxers from all over the world to Centurion and it’s been a joy to work with someone as great as Winston Burnett. What drew me to Centurion was seeing how Winston looks after his fighters and I that's really important in this sport. In the next year I’ll be looking to give more boxers that chance to work with Winston.”

Gwen Legge representing Eruption Boxing at Goldenboy Promotion's recent card at Fantasy Springs Casino, California (13/12/19)

Whilst adding another string to her bow this year, Gwen’s new look Eruption Boxingbusiness has diversified in a relatively short space of time. And it’s easy to see why. 

“I visit customers face to face to build a good rapport. That’s key. If I can’t speak to them face to face, then we talk online. We are always communicating so that every customer is happy. If someone is making an order with me, let’s say a two to three hundred glove order for example, I don’t just take the order over the phone! I’m very specific. We make the sample for the customer. Exactly the way they want it. We send that sample to the customer. When the customer approves it, we then go into production.”

Whilst service delivery and customer service has been key to the rise of Eruption Boxing, ensuring high quality products and competitive pricing is something that Gwen Legge knows that she can be confident about.. 

“We put a great quality boxing glove out there that I’m really proud of. There’s a niche for private label products and that’s been something we’ve tapped into pretty quickly. For example, ex champions who want their own private label products have come to us, we’ve made private label gloves in that area. We also co-brand Eruption equipment with fighters that want their own designs. We service boxing gyms, sports clubs, promotion companies, combat sports academies, franchise gyms, muay thai and MMA gyms - producing boxing and sports equipment for a wide range of companies."

All things considered, it's been a transformational year for Eruption Boxing. And that’s not all that Gwen has managed to fit in this year. Promotional videos featuring former heavyweight world champion, Lamon Brewster can be seen online, various trade show features in the United States have taken place, a supply order to none other than the American military and a co-brand working relationship with boxing brothers Herbert and Richard Acevedo have all been highlights of Gwen Legge’s arrival on the boxing scene. And with a brand new year just around the corner, you can be sure that there’s more to come.

“In 2020, I plan on working with more professional fighters. We're always looking for new fighters to represent Eruption as the brand continues to grow. I really believe in our gloves and our products and I want the world to know about Eruption Boxing. We’ll be bringing in new sales reps stateside. We’re just waiting for his fight to be announced but we’ll be working on a co-brand design for a former welterweight world champion in the New Year. I plan for this to be the first of many! You’ll see Eruption Boxing associating products with the bareknuckle scene as well. “I want to put Eruption amongst the top boxing brands in 2020. You know I look at someone like Jackie Kallen and it makes me want to achieve. We are working in a 90% male dominated industry and she has shown that women can achieve in all aspects of boxing.”

Gwen Legge and Oxnard super lightweight prospect Herbert Acevedo, Summer 2019

The Eruption Boxing boss is set to appear on A Guy Thing Podcast at 20:00 EST on Thursday 19th December. Both parties have teamed up to give away a free pair of Eruption Boxing gloves. The promotion can be found on both Facebook pages. Eruption Boxing will also be giving consumers the chance to get their hands on a pair of Eruption gloves through social media throughout the coming year.

Gwen Legge recently spoke to Leo Costa on Episode 14 of the Serious Growth Podcast.

Eruption Boxing are a supplier of custom gloves, co-brand, private label and combative accessories, specialising in business to business trade. 

Connect with Eruption Boxing: -

Instagram: - @eruptionboxing

Twitter: - @eruptionboxing

YouTube: - Eruption Boxing

Email: - [email protected]

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