Brand New Boxing Drama Ringside Hits Amazon Prime

Director James Tywman presents the brand new, epically produced six part boxing drama, Ringside. The Only Way Out....Is To Fight. 1 min

Available now on Amazon Prime, Ringside packs a powerful punch that tells the story of Chad, a teenager that battles through horrific circumstances to ultimately change his life for the better. 

Presented through six action packed episodes, the show includes many Rocky inspired fight scenes, with numerous ‘edge of your seat’ moments that takes the viewer on a gripping journey from the first scene of Episode 1 to the very last scene of Episode 6.

Directed, shot, produced and edited by teacher/director James Twyman, on a budget of £1000, Ringside delivers a production that you would expect to have come from a crew and production team of hundreds – yet this quite stunning series came solely from the mind of James Twyman, who notes the essential input of talented audio engineer Joel Ledesma as a defining influence on the final production.

(L to R) Director James Twyman, Joe Stanley, Rich Brodie and Joel Ledesma running through lines for Chad and Meeky's introduction

Featuring an array of new talent, inluding Joe Stanley, Chante Keegan, Rich Brodie, Kennedy Atkins and Sarah Wilkinson, the cast deliver some powerful performances across the board, with the likes of Mark Vanhendrijk, Lauren Bracken, Marie Friend, Jacob Rowe and Erin Staples all turning in striking performances to brilliantly drive home some key messages throughout. 

Twyman knew he wanted to incorporate boxing in to the show having seen first hand the positive power of change that boxing can have on a youngster. 

"I was in the playground, on duty, supervising the students and a group were playing basketball, and there was a student there that I didn’t recognise. I asked him what his name was and if he was new, and he said 'No Sir, I’ve been here for years' and he said his name. Now I remembered this kid as being having quite poor behaviour and being an incredibly challenging student with often little or no respect for others. But what I was looking at was a far healthier, very polite young man who looked like he was taking care of himself. He spoke clearly and with eloquence, he was a different person. When I asked him what he had done, he said he had been training at Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy."

The series, rather fittingly, features Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Academy in Wythenshawe - a beacon of the local community for many years that continues to change the lives of young people every single day. From current WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury to up and coming talent Kieran McDaid, Jimmy Egan’s has taken troubled young people and moulded them in to successful adults and Twyman pays perfect respect to their ongoing legacy.

"I spent a fair bit of time at the club, watching the boxers, getting to know their character, understanding where they came from - going down to the gym, watching the younger boxers training and speaking to their trainers. It gave me an appreciation for boxing at a different level."

Behind the scenes footage from scenes shot at the legendary Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy.

Chad (Joe Stanley) has had to fight for everything he's had his entire life. Living in Wythenshawe, Manchester, he has known nothing but poverty. His father committed suicide when he was young, his mother doesn't care and spends all of her benefit money on herself, he hasn't eaten properly in weeks and he is at rock bottom. With his mother's abuse worsening by the day, Chad finds himself kicked out of yet another school with nowhere to go. 

With Chad (Joe Stanley) close to giving up, a chance meeting with local gangster Meeky (Rich Brodie) quickly see's him fall into the trap of county lines tactics, forcing him into a life of crime. When a mugging goes wrong and the consequences catch up to him, Chad very quickly loses his freedom and his girlfriend, Ellie (Chante Keegan).

Chad is given a second chance when DC Harding (Mark Vanhendrijk) sets him up with some work at a local boxing gym - all he has to do is work hard, train hard and remain focused to stand a chance of turning his life around.... but with his past life constantly threatening to drag him down, will he take his chance or will he let his demons overcome him?

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