UFC GYM® and UFC FIT® Projects Global Success in 2023

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 UFC GYM®, the first major brand extension of UFC®, celebrated a milestone year in 2022 by surpassing expectations on its domestic and international growth. Building on its momentum as one of the largest and fastest-growing operators and franchisors of premium fitness facilities, UFC GYM®’s development of more than 1,000 locations in 40 countries will play an integral role in the organization’s mission to provide a wholistic wellness approach to its unique global member community.  

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 “Coming off of the physical and economic hurdles that have unraveled over the past few years, UFC GYM® and UFC FIT® are poised to make an impact on fitness enthusiasts worldwide with our dynamic TRAIN DIFFERENT approach and industry-leading programming that brings out the purpose in why members go to the gym,” said Adam Sedlack, CEO of UFC GYM®. “We are constantly focused on how we can make a difference in one’s life from a holistic perspective and how training with us can impact lives both in and out of the gym. Now more than ever before, it is about aligning with our customers to provide them with an arena where they can build the best version of themselves. We are not just a gym but rather an open community that allows members of any fitness level to achieve their lifelong physical and mental best. It is our enhanced class experiences developed through technology, and high caliber coaches that provide a training regimen that aligns with how MMA athletes prepare for a fight. We all have a personal fight to win, and through the appreciation of how a UFC athlete trains, we can create an experience that cannot be duplicated outside of our gyms.”

Furthering its rapid expansion and club development of the past year, UFC GYM® and UFC FIT® have 82 domestic locations and 65 international locations in development for 2023. This year, the brand plans for record growth and will open premium fitness facilities in new markets including Brea, California; Bakersfield, California; Hilo, Hawaii; Fort Worth, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta; Pittsburgh; and Seattle, among other domestic locations. New clubs are under construction and in development internationally in China, Germany, Israel, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and many other countries worldwide.

Last year, UFC GYM® and UFC FIT® unveiled new facilities in San Jose, California; Wayne, New Jersey; and Plantation, Florida; in addition to remodeling and making upgrades to several locations across the United States. The brand launched in new countries throughout the globe, including Australia, Bolivia, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Israel, India, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Tajikistan and United Arab Emirates. A complete video recap of 2022 openings and highlights featuring Sedlack is available on UFC GYM®’s YouTube channel

UFC GYM® also agreed to an exclusive partnership with NxGen Fitness LLC, led by seasoned industry veterans Marc Tascher and Rick Bouza, to expand its extensive portfolio of premier fitness facilities to major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. As part of the agreement, UFC GYM® and NxGen Fitness LLC will develop more than 260 new gyms over the next 12 years, including new Signature UFC GYM® and CLASS UFC GYM® locations. Growth plans include the development of 24 signature UFC GYM® locations by 2023 and 36 additional locations by 2031, as well as the development of more than 200 CLASS UFC GYM® boutique locations.

UFC GYM® was the first to unite the benefits of MMA with fitness. The brand’s TRAIN DIFFERENT® approach provides members with the ultimate fitness experience and programming that secures results for all ages and training levels. Each of the premium fitness facilities offers world-class fitness classes and programmings, such as HIIT, Boxing Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Zumba; and integrates and unites fitness technology, recovery, nutrition and workouts to ensure members have an experience that cannot be duplicated at any other facility. The company’s BOX.HIIT.LIVE platform offers access to MMA-inspired fitness virtually with live and video-on-demand classes inspired by the regimens of elite athletes. The brand also utilizes MyZone wearable technology to enrich classes, elevate the overall member experience and bring gym communities together virtually. MyZone allows members to track exact heart rates throughout a workout to measure performance and progress, while the connective technology allows for competitions within individual locations and across the globe. To further support the success of its communities, UFC GYM® has developed specialized pre- and post-workout Recovery treatments to offer a balanced approach to fitness and restore hard working bodies to their full potential. Partnering with industry leaders in recovery technology, UFC GYM® and UFC FIT® offer Recovery services such as NormaTec compression recovery systems, percussion massage therapy, cryotherapy, red light therapy, spray tanning and more. Options to access Recovery services are available to members and non-members alike.

With 160 locations opened and 1,000 additional locations currently in development across 40 countries worldwide, UFC GYM® has revolutionized the fitness industry and positively impacted countless lives across the globe. The rapidly expanding fitness franchise welcomes interested candidates to grow alongside the brand in key markets such as California, Texas, New York, Florida, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. For franchising information, visit www.ufcgymfranchise.com or contact franchiseinfo@ufcgym.com. For more information and a list of locations, please visit www.ufcgym.com or www.ufcfit.com.


UFC GYM® is the first major brand extension of UFC®, the world’s premier MMA organization, created in alliance with New Evolution Ventures™ (NeV), developers of many of the world’s most successful fitness brands. As the first to unite the benefits of MMA with fitness, the brand is not what you expect, and more than you can imagine. UFC GYM’s TRAIN DIFFERENT® approach provides members with the ultimate fitness experience and programming that secures results for all ages and training levels. With 160 locations opened and 1,000 additional locations currently in development globally, UFC GYM has revolutionized the fitness industry and positively impacted countless lives worldwide. In addition to its corporate-owned clubs, UFC GYM offers the opportunity to own and operate a franchise domestically and internationally through the UFC GYM® or UFC FIT® model. For franchise information, contact franchiseinfo@ufcgym.com or visit UFCGYMfranchise.com. For more information, please visit UFCGYM.com or UFCFIT.com. Follow UFC GYM on Instagram and Twitter @UFCGYM, Facebook.com/UFCGYM, and youtube.com/UFCGYM.  

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